Google Spotlight Stories “Buggy Night”

Directed by Jan Pinkava
Produced by Karin Dufhilo-Rosen
Animation Supervisors / Story by Doug Sweetland and Mark Oftedal
Animation by Mark Oftedal, Doug Sweetland, Jais Bredsted, Ricardo Jost Resende, Ryan Hayford, and Daniel Caylor
Art Direction: Jon Klassen
Modeling: Jaime Maestro
Character rigs: Víctor Vinyals
Company: Baraboom Studios / Pepe Valencia





Last year Google expanded the Spotlight Stories program by taking the interactive 360º short films initially designed for the Motorola MotoX phones towards Android and iOS systems. So now it’easier than ever to enjoy these stories in all their potential, just using the Youtube app on Android devices, the Google Spotlight Stories App on iOS or, depending on each particular movie, even just watching it on Youtube through your browser.

I had the chance to work again with Jan Pinkava and Mark Oftedal in this second animated short film for the series, “Buggy Night”. Same concept as the first one, the characters where quite simple but cartoony as well, and the rigs had to be built in “video game style”, that is, with a limited number of joints as the only way to create both body and face deformations in order to allow the necessary real-time rendering of the scenes.

Along with character supervisor Pepe Valencia, it was really good fun to work on this project. Here you can check it through Youtube’s full interactive 360.