Google Spotlight Stories “On Ice”

Directed by Shannon Tindle

Creative Director: Jan Pinkava
Executive Producers: Karen Dufilho, Regina Dugan, Rachid El Guerrab
Producer: Tom Knott
Music by Scot Stafford
Lead Technical Art Director: Brian Collins
Story: Mark Oftedal, Lou Romano, Shannon Tindle
Art Direction: Lou Romano
Character Supervisor: Pepe Valencia
Character rigs: VĂ­ctor Vinyals






A new interactive short film for the Google Spotlight Stories. Directed by Shannon Tindle, the story features one crazy sci-fi main character which needed to be super expressive both with his body and his face but, again, rigged just with joints (and not too many!) in order to work with Google’s “Moxie” engine. I had the chance to be on board once more with the usual team, Jan Pinkava, Mark Oftedal and Pepe Valencia, and rig 6 really cool characters. Can’t wait for the next one!

Note: using Vimeo or YouTube on a web browser only allows us to watch the trailer, but anyways the full film REALLY has to be viewed in its interactive 360 mode. Just play it through the YouTube app in an Android device or with the Google Spotlight Stories app if you’re on iOS. It’s totally worth it!