Google Spotlight Stories “Rain or Shine”

Directed by Felix Massie

Producers: Mariano Melman Carrara, Kim Adams
Creative Directors: Christopher O’Reilly, Jan Pinkava
Executive Producers: Luke Youngman, Karen Dufilho, Regina Dugan, Rachid El Guerrab
Development Producer: Claire Cook
Lead Technical Story Director: Mark Davies
Lead Character Rigger: Victor Vinyals
Creative Director, Music & Sound: Scot Stafford
Technical Art Director: Brian Collins
Technical Art Lead: Luca Prasso
Story by Felix Massie




Rain or Shine is Nexus’ interactive 360° mobile VR short film made for Google Spotlight Stories. I had the pleasure to work along with Nexus team on the development and creation of 8 character rigs for the film. Despite of the apparent simplicity of the 2d designs, maintaining the graphic look of the characters and giving the animators enough flexibility were the main challenges. The real-time side of the rigs lies in the usual joint hierarchy ready for the Moxie engine used in previous Spotlight Stories projects.