The Frank Barton Company “Génesis”

Client: Génesis
Agency: VCCP Spain
Production House: The Frank Barton Company
Direction: The Frank Barton Company
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio García Abad
Executive Creative Director: Ursula García
Head of CGI: Miguel González Viñé
Head of TD: Javier González Gabriel
Producer: Nisa Castaño
Storytelling : David Acereto
Character Design: Carlos Martínez, Jordi González
Set Design: Lorenza Donati
Character Model: Juan Solís
Character Texture : Sergey Samuilov
Character Rig: Victor Vinyals
Character Fur: Sergio García Abad
Set & Props Model and Texturing : Javier González Gabriel, Juanjo Bernabéu
Animation: Abel Tébar, Víctor Pesquera, Carlos Martínez, Pedro Daniel García
Lighting and Shading: Miguel González Viñé, Sergio García Abad
Compositing: Rita Kunzler, Javier García
Matte Painting: Jordi González

I had the chance to rig these three characters for a series of commercials produced by The Frank Barton Company for spanish insurance company Génesis. The schedule was quite tight so the rigs were built to fit just the specific animation needs of each character in order to keep them simple enough and have them finished right on time. They were done in Maya 2013 and it took around 70 hours of work for each one. It was great to work with these nice designs!