The Frank Barton Company “TRINA”

Client: Trina
Agency: Wysiwygain
Production House: The Frank Barton Company
Direction: The Frank Barton Company
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio García Abad
Executive Creative Director: Ursula García
Head of CGI: Miguel González Viñé
Character Model: Juan Solís
Character Rig: Víctor Vinyals

Another collection of great characters to be rigged for my mates at The Frank Barton Company, in this case for a series of Trina commercials. Really good fun to work on these characters, being the main rigging challenge to keep the face features consistent while allowing the body to be fully deformed. Needed around 60 hours of work per each character rig.

I really love how the animation turned out, and I’ve been enjoying each new commercial or animation clip TFBC has been releasing so far.